A Very Retro Christmas

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We Wish You A Very Retro Christmas!

2017 is drawing to a close, and Christmas is nearly upon us. It can be a crazy time of year, with the stress of organising Christmas celebrations, buying gifts, and just trying to get things done in time. So this year, we'd like to invite you to take a breath and get some quiet time while doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Come along to Halsey Road Recyclers and find a truly unique gift in a peaceful and fun setting.

Here are just a few reasons to consider finding a gift at Halsey Road Recyclers:

It's Quiet

You can browse in peace without the constant noise you'll experience at a shopping mall. We don't hurry you, or hassle you to buy. Just browse in peace and quiet as you stroll through the yard or warehouse looking for that piece of treasure to place under the tree. It's like transporting yourself back to a time when the world lived at a slower pace.

No Crowds

You don't have to jostle for position here either. No crazy trolley drivers to dodge, no massive checkout queues. You can just meander at your own speed. If you do find something you like, or have questions, we are here to assist you of course, but otherwise just take your time and enjoy the experience.

It's Unique

You'll find some unique pieces here that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Our stock is an eclectic mix of classic, traditional and historical pieces that is constantly changing. No chance of buying someone a gift from here that someone else has already got them.

It's Upcycling

Just because something is old, or used, doesn't mean it isn't valuable. In many cases it's the reason it is valuable. A gift from Halsey Road Recyclers is a gift that gives new life to something that has already stood test of time, but just needs a new home. In a disposable world an upcycled gift has an impact not just on the receiver, but on the entire planet!

It's thoughtful

Sure, a bottle of red, or a box of chocolates is nice, but a gift that has been sort out with a desire to match someone's interest and tastes is priceless. Perhaps a beautiful piece of glassware, or an old sewing machine, or a bakelite telephone to complete an existing collection.  It's as much the time and thought spent as the gift itself that means so much.

Treat Yourself

While you're here, why not treat yourself? We think you deserve it, go on!

No matter where you shop this year, enjoy the experience, and take a little time for yourself. Merry Christmas!

Some Gift Ideas

The following gallery contains a small selection of the many items to be found at Halsey Road Recyclers. Come in and browse around!